Drawing the Future

A report launched by Education and Employers and found that children’s career aspirations only marginally differ from age 7 to age 17. It also showed that some sectors vital for economic health look set to be badly under-resourced in future.

In the biggest survey of its kind, primary school children aged seven to 11 were asked to draw a picture of the job they want to do when they grow up.

Based on results from 13,000 UK primary pupils, the report demonstrates that children’s aspirations are shaped from a young age.

“All children, regardless of their social background, where they live or the jobs their parents do, should have the same chance to meet people doing a wide range of jobs to help them understand the vast opportunities open to them,” said Andreas Chleicher, director for education and skills at the OECD

UCL – Children’s career aspirations limited by gender stereotypes and socio-economic background

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