About the Arts Party

Politics in the UK is stagnating. The same faces, the same positions, the same thinking. The only people who can really change it are us, the people, when we vote. What our democracy needs is lots more new voices and ideas, people we elect who really try to work with all sides, find win-wins and make a difference for us all.

Enter the the Arts Party. Originally started in Australia, where the concept of a political party inspired by arts thinking was born. A brand new party, which sees people as that country’s greatest asset, with creativity and collaboration their most powerful tools, and has collected over 1.6million votes already down there. Seriously! It turns out there’s more to Oz than Bondi and Fosters!!

On 25th April 2017, the UK Arts Party was registered. Our aim is to create a better future for every person lucky enough to live in the United Kingdom. We’ll support every policy of other parties that matches our principles and improves our future. We will attack any policy that doesn’t. We will share our own policies freely and encourage any and every other party to adopt, credit or steal them. We will stand candidates too, wherever we can to have the most effect, with the ultimate aim of actually winning seats.

So the most important of all right now, we need more members, we need candidates elected and we need to, as Dame Edna would say, ‘stir the possums dahling!’ We need your support.

If you want to see more opportunity, more possibility in your life, lifelong health and education for all, in a happier country, then join a party that wants it too and vote for something you believe in for a change!